Flash Bellek Test Programı

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Flash Disk Test Programı

Kullanımı çok kolay olan bu program sayesinde USB Flash belleğin kontrolcüsünü ve flash yongalarını öğrenmek için ChipGenius adlı programı kullanabilirsiniz. Program kontrolcü ve depolama çipiyle ilgili bilgileri sunucudan otomatik almaktadır. Bu bağlamda sürekli günceldir. 

Biz 4.19 sürümünü verelim ancak daha güncel sürümleri için yazılımcının kendi sitesini ziyaret etmenizde fayda var. 

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ChipGenius v4.19.0319 (2019-03-19)


ChipGenius is a unique software package intended to display all information related to any devices that are connected to a computer via a USB port. This will provide quick access to such accessories when required. It is also very useful in the event that a specific device is not displayed in Windows Explorer.

Features and Usability

ChipGenius can be deployed when a certain device needs to be recognized without having to navigate through the standard control panel within Windows. This will save the user a great deal of time; particularly if he or she is uncertain where to look for a USB-related product. Another massive benefit is that ChipGenius will not require any type of download. It can simply be activated by clicking upon the icon. As should be expected, the interface also displays whether or not the USB device is functioning properly.

Additional Tools

ChipGenius highlights all of the most pertinent information associated with a USB device. This can include the protocol version, its processing speed, the date of installation and even its serial number. So, this application is an effective method of detecting any issues within a system. Any information obtained can be saved within a dedicated folder. This is a great way to troubleshoot a device in the event that a problem is discovered.

flash disk test programı

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